Category: Mediation / Conflict Resolution

  • by Charalee Graydon
  • 6. June 2018

Mediation in Context

The Past: Mediation is part of my past and will be part of my future as I continue to follow opportunities to learn and write about mediation and it´s place in the twenty-first century. For me, mediation is an opportunity to promote a forum that can be used in a variety of situations for management and […]

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  • by Daniel Erdmann
  • 30. April 2018

No Standards in Mediation

Mediation in the year 2018: We are currently able to witness a fascinating development regarding the worldwide promotion and settlement through Mediation, as well as its impact and importance at all levels of professional and private life. More often than not, we can observe that in one single country several associations struggle for a leadership […]

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