Category: Social Aspects

  • by Marina Khamitsevich
  • 2. July 2018

Should we not mix politics and sport?

“You should never mix politics and football. You should always show respect. It’s a wonderful atmosphere and a positive experience and that’s what football should be about” – said the Swiss coach after the match between Serbia and Switzerland at 2018 football World Cup in Russia. The coach was commenting on the controversy related to three […]

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  • by Marina Khamitsevich
  • 14. June 2018

Restorative justice and reconciliation agenda in Brazil

Introduction Like many other Latin American countries, Brazil had a period of military rule, having left its complicated legacy of the divided society. The country attempted to overcome the consequences of political violence by implementing truth and reconciliation commission in 2011 – this measure took much longer to be implemented than in most other neighbor […]

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  • by Daniel Erdmann
  • 30. May 2018
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Sobre la necesidad de encontrarse en persona

Estimado colega, por favor entiende este corto artículo como reflexión sobre nuestra situación social contemporánea. Pongámos el focus sobre esta situación muy compleja, que pocos de nosotros deben entender completamente y menos todavía deben saber tratarla de una forma adecuada. Durante un viaje de negocios en Asia, tuve la oportunidad de encontrarme de unos colegas mios. […]

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  • by Daniel Erdmann
  • 21. November 2016

About the necessity to meet in person.

Dear reader, please understand this short article as a critical reflection on our current situation, a situation that few of us may understand in full, and who are prepared to act accurately. While being on a business trip in Asia, I had the fortunate possibility to meet and to sit down with two colleagues of […]

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