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WMO Conflict Insight is a informative platform that offers reports on local conflicts and corresponding background information that is usually not shared with general public. WMO hereby provides a global platform for mediation practitioners, students, academics and those at the coal-face of mediation around the world. The platform offers analysis of current mediation trends, challenges and transformations through sharing experiences and insights of fellow mediators and experts, and their processes, in myriad countries.

WMO Conflict Insight is a unique opportunity to exchange information and deepen our understanding of mediation practice and the diversity of its application. WMO acknowledges the many contributions of its members in the development of this important resource and welcomes your comments and inquiries. You are welcome to this expanding global community. 

One major key point of WMO Conflict Insight is that it is created by peers for peers. WMO Fellows may want to act as local Peace Journalists handing in reports on the development of local crisis areas regarding points such as peace support and conflict settlement. If you want to be part of this global movement  of experts, practitioners, and visionaries, we kindly ask you to sign up today, and to become a WMO Fellow 

In order to increase the quality of your reports, we advice to study the WMO Course on Peace Journalism. Hereby, you may learn to create professional articles and reports in order to raise the global impact by sharing news and valuable information on local and global conflicts, war zones, and peace development. All reports and articles should be written from a mediator’s of peace activist’s perspective.


01) The Kenya 2008 - 2009 Post-Election Conflict, Fraciah Njeri Ngamau, WMO Fellow - Nairobi, Kenya

02) The Complexity of Conflicts in Bangladesh, M.S. Siddiqui, WMO Fellow - Dhaka, Bangladesh

03) Voice of Social Media: 1999 - 2015, Bruce L. Cook, WMO Fellow - Elgin, USA

04) Mediation - Business Tool To Prevent Workplace Harassment, Elena Gallego Baixauli - WMO Fellow - Valencia, Spain

05) The conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea: An Assessment and Potential Solutions, Roberto M. Rodriguez - WMO Representative - Minnesota, USA

06) Creating a fortress for progenies of armed conflict: a global perspective, Unyime F. Morgan - WMO Fellow - Uyo, Nigeria

07) The leaking bottom - the hidden costs of human conflict in the USA, Yvette Durazo, WMO Fellow - San Diego, USA

08) Mediating business disputes, MS Siddiqui - WMO Fellow - Bangladesh

09) The problem of violence in favelas of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, Marina Khamitsevich, WMO Fellow - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

10) Mediation and Gangs - Is this possible? (Trinidad and Tobago), Hedy Tenia, WMO Fellow - Trinidad and Tobago 

11) Prevención de la violencia en la escuela, Elena Baixauli Gallego, WMO Fellow - Valencia, Spain

12) Shalish - Mediation for Rural Bangladesh, MS Siddiqui, WMO Fellow - Dhaka, Bangladesh

13) Cyprus Issue: the UN Role in Mediation and Conflict Negotiation, Anatolii Maliuska, WMO Fellow - Kyiv, Ukraine

14) Moldova - Transnistria, Marina Khamitsevich, WMO Fellow - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

15) Cyprus Issue: Background to Conflict, Anatolii Maliuska, WMO Fellow - Kyiv, Ukraine

16) Sport Diplomacy and Mediation, Marina Khamitsevich, WMO Fellow - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

17) The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict, now unfreezing?, Marina Khamitsevich, WMO Fellow - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

18) Restorative Justice and Reconciliation in Brazil, Marina Khamitsevich, WMO Fellow - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

19) Kashmir Conflict: The Role of Mediation and International Law in Dispute Resolution, Dushyant Kishan Kaul, WMO Fellow - New Delhi, India


1) Facing the term ‚Peace‘ - Daniel Erdmann, October 15, 2015

2) A misConception of Conflict ? - Daniel Erdmann, November 2, 2015

3) En Busca de la Paz - Jesus Espana Lozano, 14 Noviembre 2015

4) No Standards in Mediation - Daniel Erdmann, February 24, 2016

5) Negotiating Commercial Disputes in India - Arjun Natarajan, March 14, 2016

6) Journey to Empathy - Martin Golder, June16, 2016

7) About the Necessity of Personal Development - Daniel Erdmann, November 21, 2016

8) Civil Resistance and Cosmetic Treatment of Terrosim - Daniel Erdmann, December 20, 2016

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