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The World Mediation Organization now presents the core body of it's activities, namely: global consultancies - namely conflict analysis and evaluation.  In order to widen the professional range of experience, we generally create an executive group of international experts who match best with the necessity of the concrete inquiry.

On this page you will find an introduction to our main fields of action (Mediation for States, Organizations, Individuals) as well as to the WMO Counseling Concept which is set up as a threefold structure. Due to our worldwide network of registered academic experts in the field, the WMO constantly receives updates of local social and inner state developments. Our constantly growing human resource enables us to promote alternative dispute management in online and local face-to-face sessions in a worldwide mood.

Procedure: Clients are asked to contact WMO headquarters for an initial conversation. The individual case will be discussed and matching steps agreed. Face-to-face consultancies may be replaced by online-video-conferences if such a procedure results to be more suitable. Information on the WMO Counseling Concept may be obtained by reviewing the following section. It reveals the unique WMO concept of conflict management by implementing: Evaluation, Mediation, and Restorative Justice to the process of counseling. The WMO mediation services are based on the UN Guidedance for Effective Mediation.

Mediation between states often becomes highly complex. In order to offer the full competence required to manage such context, the World Mediation Organization retains a team of at least 5 experienced counsellors to take up labour. The WMO counseling services are strictly confidencial and are based on the UN Guidedance for Effective Mediation. Aspects that may impact international disputes are Diplomacy, International and Treaty Law, Cultural Discrepancy, Threat of Armed Conflict, Human Rights etc.

Mediation for Individuals is a further field of action that interlaces several challenging facets of social and conflict science. While Mediation for States and Organizations may be regarded as a Macro-Cosmos of Conflict, Mediation for Individuals is definetely the Micro-Cosmos of Conflict. Hereby, the characteristics of each of them can be found in the corresponding counterpart. Often, inner-familiar conflicts may be traced back to several other conflict frames where more than one sub-conflict exists. The World Mediation Organization proposes a team of at least two mediators for the management of such conflicts.

Mediation for Organizations mainly concentrates on two forms: a) Mediation within the Organization, and b) Mediation between Organizations. While the former point more concentrates on optimizing internal processes and its functionality, the latter focuses onextensive complexity. Such a conflict can include intercultural and international aspects as well as treaty law and third party interests. The World Mediation Organization recomands to operate with a team of three to five counselors who know about the challenges of such content and who are duly prepared to guide such an issue to a constructive and sustainable finalization. 

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