Course Description

Welcome to the internal section of your training program, which is now available in an up-to-date user-friendly learning platform. The corresponding learning process is pretty much automized, that means, that each syllabus is structured into three parts, namely: Section A – a self-reflection, Section B – the main content of the chapter, and Section C – an article that needs to be created.

Basically, the program leads you from one section to the next one. This is done by pressing corresponding buttons offered by the learning platform. Whenever you are asked to realize a written task, the system will lead you to a matching form, where you can write down your thoughts, save them for your records, and receive your tutor’s feedback. The course provides an essential overview of topics and issues related to Mindful Mediation and Conflict Management, notably:

– Mindfulness in Mediation,
– Applied Mindful Mediation,
– Analyzing and detecting Conflict,
– Interpersonal Crisis -Communication,
– Critical Thinking – From Theory to Practice.

Teaching Objectives and Learning Outcome

During this course, you will learn:

To understand the root causes of conflict,
To understand mindful conflict management strategies,
To understand how to create a meaningful conflict report,
To understand how to unveil information hidden behind human behavior,
To understand and to realize crisis communication in a sensitive context.

The Nature of This Training

The training is highly interactive and basically, your progress depends on your participation. This course will teach a few topics only, but all of these will be deeply reflected and put into practice within the class. The conceptual idea is, that you most likely guard all this information already in your unconsciousness. Together we will re-discover your personality and identify your diversity. The majority of your answers will be found within yourself and you will discover and practice your proper concept of mediation. Feel free to contact your tutor at any time.

Final Examination:
Once, all tasks were realized, all quizzes were responded positively, and all papers have been submitted, this course is capped by an end-of-course short thesis.

Required Written Assignments:
This course requires the write-up of a 10-page end-of-course paper on a theme related to the course’s topic, selected in consultation with the assigned tutor. This paper must comply with general academic writing guidelines. Further, the student must write a summary and personal reflection of 2 pages on each of the five chapters. These reflections will be discussed with the tutor. Finally, the student is asked to send in a report on a conflict of global interest at the end of each of the five chapters. This report should be of about 800 words. Academic standards are mandatory.

Course Material:

Included in the course fee.

Possible Accreditation and Recognition:

The World Mediation Organization opens doors to several opportunities for further education. WMO Graduates who wish to realize their Master‘s and / or Doctorate’s Degree at EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide) get this program evaluated and validated with an equivalency of 20 ECTS. WMO Graduates may receive a WMO / EUCLID Post Graduate Certificate in Mediation on demand.


How to Get Started

Please follow the instruction displayed in the main menu.