World Mediation Organization Crowdfunding Project

Due to the lastest news, none of us can deny that our social as well as our political environment is highly distressed and in calamity. After more than a decade of work in the field of social-cultural and international conflict, WMO came to the conclusion that new and more innovative ways of reaching out for and educating individuals in general have to be realized. Such a path is this crowdfunding project.

The nature of this project:

WMO and a team of selected partners is working on the creation of an ebook that will be available here on this website, free of charge. This ebook will be translated into 30 languages and will focus on raising awareness towards the prevention and management of conflict by critical thinking, on social-political inconveniences and on how to recover a balanced mindset.

Steps that will be taken:

First of all, the ebook will be published in English language. Afterwards, the mother text will be progressively translated into the remaining 29 mayor languages spoken on this globe.

Your reflection prior to getting involved:

Did you ever ask yourself how you can make a difference and how you can have a positive impact on the future development of society? Imagine your children ask you: ‘What have you done to make the world a better place?’ Obviously, our daily life tells the best stories and displays the individual truth of each of us. The truth is, that life is often harsh and uncomfortable. As a result most of us face similar challenges such as stress at work, a lovely but demanding family, and the overwhelming necessity to earn money. So, is there really space for saving the world? Maybe this project is such a possibility for you to have a supportive impact on society and the answer to your children’s question. Do you want to miss this chance?

Your benefits of supporting this project:

  • Your name will be listed on the website as peace supporter.
  • You can add a personal statement (max. 100 words) to the website.
  • Your name will appear in the ebook itself. The world will learn about your support.
  • You will have a calm consciousness by initiating a change in many cultures and areas around the globe.

Support this project and become a WMO Peace Supporter:

Follow this link and realize your call, namely to support those who find themselves in calamity. Press here …

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