Peace and Conflict Journalism (Online Studies)

The ability of reporting in an accurate and informative way is the basis of journalism in general. Too often than not, reports are poorly structured and researched. In order to avoid such articles, a short course on journalism is offered here.

This course does not only outline the basics of obtaining suitable information for the future article, but also states how to structure the content, how to ask relevant questions, and how to obtain outstanding answers within an interview.

The content of this training deals with three topics. First, fundamental insights on journalism are shared. Second, an important focus is placed on how to understand and analyze conflict. And third, a linkage is build from topic (1) to (2) merging to the culmination of peace journalism itself. 

The estimated length of this training is one month. If you feel prepared to upgrade your writing skills within such a short period, don’t hesitate and enroll right now …

1. Application

The World Mediation Organization kindly asks you to fill out completely, sign and send in the corresponding application form . Please note, that your enrolment procedure is only completed by receiving the signed application form and the listed course fee.

Enrolment can be realized anywhere in the world by the following steps:

1. Download the Application , fill it out, sign it and send it in. 
2. Realize payment by PayPal, Western Union or Money Gram.
3. Receive access to the course syllabus, manual, and text books.
4. Study at home, exchange thoughts and experiences with your tutor.
5. Submit the assignment of each chapter, prepare your end-of-course thesis.
6. Realize the requested oral examination(s) regarding your summaries and thesis.
7. Become a graduate and receive the hard copy of your Certificate of Completion.

2. Course Syllabus

The curriculum (ask for password)combines innovative perspectives on the acquisition and the application of knowledge. The combination of virtual coaching and individual learning allows students to study in a highly flexible yet demanding way. Students will be guided by supervisors throughout the online modules providing them individual coaching and monitoring their study progress. The innovative online format conveys excellent communication, presentation, and intercultural skills, preparing candidates for the national and international job market. Candidates will be invited to participate in our platform: WMO Conflict Insight.

3. Price Structure / Tuition Fees

In order to enable as many students as possible to subscribe and to get out the benefits of our training, the tuition fee varies depending on the area were the individual student lives. These prices refer to the online version of the training. PaymentPaypal and Credit Card (Proceed as Paypal Guest) or use Western Union / Money Gram (ask for payment information). Please inform us which option you choose. Payments are not refundable.

  • Europe, North-America, Australia                                    600,- EURO 
  • Middle & South America, Asia                                         300,- EURO 
  • Africa                                                                                   150,- EURO 
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