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Students, Professionals, and Supporters of Global Peace and Conflict Resolution, you are hereby invited to become WMO Fellows. A fellowship at WMO helps us creating a strong chain of peers who are connecting on a world wide level. Being a WMO Fellow means first of all, that the individual accepts the WMO Code of Ethics. Further more, a WMO Fellow is empowered  to report in written form as a local Peace Journalist. Such essays may be handed in to WMO, while the copyright stays with the author.  Your scripts on conflict and peace progress may be selected and shared on our website at WMO Conflict Insight in order to create a unique database on global conflict areas, peace progress, and conflict management in general. In order to increase the quality of your reports, we advice to study the WMO Course on Peace Journalism. Hereby, you may learn to create professional articles and reports in order to raise the global impact by sharing news and valuable information on local and global conflicts, war zones, and peace development. Become part of a worldwide league of pro-active thinking and innovative acting visionaries. Sign up right now ... Find all our listed fellows at the bottom of this site … 


WMO Fellows:


Become part of a worldwide league of  pro-active thinking and innovative acting visionaries. Sign up right now ...

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