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my name is Daniel Erdmann, Director General and Founder of the World Mediation Organization. It is my pleasure to share with you the historic aspect of the creation of the World Mediation Summit and its subsequent WMO Symposia.

Being the initiator and originator of the World Mediation Summit and its subsequent series of WMO Symposia, I may say that a dream became true. About a year ago, spring 2013, I reflected on what I have created so far, and I wondered what the next step would look like, a step towards more interactivity, sustainability, and exchange - especially on a level where professionals from distinguished associations could meet and share their expertise.

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I wanted to offer a conference that gathers professionals from different associations, organizations, institutes, etc., who normally would only attend the meetings of their proper organization. That means, the conference that I was looking for would be a professional application to their field of action and would not find itself in competition with other conferences.


Furthermore, I thought now is the time to discuss topics of trans-border and international importance in general. Hereby, I thought of the headlines that we’ve read on a daily basis in the news, and how we are confronted with in the field of international relations – topics that really deal with international peace and the creation of a sustainable political balance.

In fact, I’ve longed for tracing mediation back to one of its sources where it is practiced on a day-to-day basis, namely: Diplomacy. By putting the two points of interactivity and current crisis management together, the dream became a frame and a name: World Mediation Summit.

Today, I am glad to look back on a true international and intercultural summit, where a wide range of outstanding experts gathered and interacted. Please be aware that this summit focused on its attendees, and their competence and interaction. This summit was not made in order to promote any organization but to enable its participants to achieve as much benefits as possible by meeting on this global level.

Understanding the summit as a kick off event for a series of globally offered WMO Symposia, it is my pleasure to see that my vision was well accepted by a wide range of professionals who offered lots of support for follow up activites, and who support WMO and its activites on a truely global level.

Following the Latin slogan of the World Mediation Organization: Pro Salute Omnium – For the benefit of everybody. I hope to outline once again the message and vision that is guarded in all WMO activities.

I would like to close the introduction with the words of the Italian poet Francesco Petrarch: 'I wander through the world and cry: Peace, Peace, Peace.'

Daniel Erdmann

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