About the Necessity of Personal Development - Daniel Erdmann

Dear reader, please understand this short article as a critical reflection on our current situation, a situation that few of us may understand in full, and who are prepared to act accurately.

While being on a business trip in Asia, I had the fortunate possibility to meet and to sit down with two colleagues of mine, namely Prof. Roland B. Wilson of George Mason University Korea, and Lecturer Miss Nino Kukhianidze of the University of Georgia. It was one of these moments beyond social media, phone conferences, short and voice messages. We got lost in time and created our own micro cosmos of eye contact and gestures, exchange thoughts and lots of laughter. What was going on? What was different to our widely accepted mode of communication? It was about us, being a group of like-minded persons having common and dissimilar points of view, and enjoying a creative and constructive discussion.

Media intents to make us believe that nowadays communication should be fast, via satellites and glass-fiber cables. More likely, that each information should be shared in order to be social, and should be noted and marked with a ‘like’ as soon as it appears. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my strong believe that mankind was not made for this type of communication. The increasing number of addicted children to internet consume is as dramatic as more and more bachelor students suffering burnouts and disillusion or even depressions at a very young age.

I ask you to make up your mind, and to take a step back in order to observe from another angle what is happening in our lives. Being end-users of media, huge companies make immense profits with the lifetime and the content that we offer them for free. Fear of missing information and data is raised in our unconsciousness and we are forced to constantly buy the latest mobile devices because of software updates, new applications, or predetermined breaking points of hardware.

Is this the life that we are looking for? Obviously we are spending more time in enriching others than we invest in our personal or professional development. If we are able to reject this information terrorism that is accepted and supported by our governments, only than we will be able to get control of our lives again and master our destiny. Too sad indeed, that it is government that concentrates more on the financial turnover of their states, than on protecting and investing in the citizens. We are running the risk to impoverish more and more regarding of both – education and social competence.

Time that we invest in media, is life capacity that we do not dedicate on breaking free of physical, mental, and spiritual slavery. And yes, the high-speed communication via video phone calls, and networking makes us connect with people, but are you still trained in initiating small talk, in starting a conversation, or in making a person laugh? I am afraid we do not win with our current way of communicating, but that we miss far more – actually skills that we can’t even transfer to our children.

 But getting back to the beginning, the group of my colleagues. Miss Kukhianidze came up with the term of structural violence, and all of us agreed that this is what we are actually suffering. Prof. Wilson did not want to miss the opportunity to make us reflect commonly on how we may resolve this dilemma. So, we spend even more hours on investigation and evaluation of reasonable strategies.

 One thing is for sure, each of us is part of a complex social structure where we have responsibilities towards ourselves but also towards our environment. Getting in contact with them by meeting them physically, is the best way to have a supporting impact on their lives. Exchanges on common and dissimilar points may form an endless value and may create true friendships and harmony. You may know that this is the main reason why we offer the World Mediation Organization Symposium, we want people to re-connect, we hope people build true friendships, and we encourage them to exchange in real life, experiencing the power of attraction.

 If you want to be part of us, following such goals and understanding that peace and any change towards a personal development starts within us and accordingly in a group of like-minded individuals, than join the: WMO Symposium – Berlin, October 17th – 19th, 2017. It is the best way to meet international experts, visionaries, and idealists. In order to enable as much persons as possible to benefit of this gathering, we offer a limited Pre-Early-Bird of only 290,- € including food and beverage.

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