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Students, Professionals, and Supporters of Global Peace and Conflict Resolution, Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-07 um 11.03.21this is a call for action. Time is due and mankind needs us to become active. We should not lose more time and get organized in order to execute our duty analytic thinking persons on all levels of society, may it be the grass-roots or the top-dog level. It has never been as important as today, to understand the complexity of nowadays life. Politicians, nations, and companies are generating huge profits by initiating and supporting escalated disputes as well as by sharing fear and spreading modified information in all fields of our life, while putting us into an environment of terror and chaos. It is up to us to break free and to work against concepts that are generated to be ‚normal‘ and ‚true‘. It is our task to re-establish a social balance that was violated by oppressors as mentioned above. By becoming a listed WMO Mediator, you stand up in the name of critical thinking being a tool of civil resistance, and act for the benefit of mankind. This is the story of a profession becoming a mission. WMO Mediators strickly handle along with the WMO Code of Ethics

What are your benefits of being a WMO Mediator: a) Being a listed WMO Mediator will enable you to become part of a Strong Network of Peers who connect on a global level being innovative and critical thinkers.ab) You will confirm your Vision, Competence and Expertise by obtaining the WMO Mediator Membership as a specific Seal of Quality. c) You will have access to all public WMO Events at Reduced Fees, and d) your academic writing skills may allow you to join unique professional WMO Book Projects.

What you need to become a WMO Mediator: Acording to our philosophy, namely that Mediation is a social skill that is veiled within each of us, we believe that the art of Mediation, Dispute De-escalation, and Peace Negotiation was already practised in childhood and was afterwards developed to a more or lesser level. Therefore, we accept life skills, social insights, or formal mediation training as qualification. We ask you to read these articles: Facing the Term PeaceNo Standards in MediationA MisConception of ConflictAbout the Necessity of Personal Development. Based on this literature, we ask you to send us a motivation letter that shows your understanding of this content. 

Registration Procedure: a) Please send us the below mentioned application form. All field are mandatory to be filled out. We will mention on our website your Name, City / Country, Expertise and Language. b) We will give you feedback on the content of the Motivation Letter. c) By a receiving a positive feedback, you are asked to send the annual fee of 50,- Euro (Referenz: WMO Mediator) to the Paypal Account: . You may also pay per Credit Card by proceeding as Paypal Guest. d) Future fees are due on January 15th of each year. Payment 

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