is an international and informative platform that is dedicated to raise the public awareness towards Mediation, Conflict Complexity, and Violence Avoidance. In order to realize this mission, WORLD MEDIATION ORGANIZATION offers a formal online training and an extensive blog section that may build the basis of the exchange of knowledge that we focus on. Persons in charge: Daniel Erdmann, PhD – Concept and Content, Prof. William Zartman, PhD – Program Advisor, Prof. Mario Appiano, PhD – Strategic Advisor.


is executed in cooperation with EUCLID University. Our online training enables us to reach individual in all remote places of the globe and is a further opportunity to receive academic credits for our students in general. Training fees differ according to the citizenship of students.


enables all students, visionaries and peace supporters in general to write about conflicted areas, armed violence, and political activities that may cause conflict as a consequence. In order to be able to publish at WMO, the individual needs to be listed as WMO FELLOW.  In order to cover our expenses for administration and academic supervision, we cover a minimum fee.

Be aware that we need your input, your manpower, and your insights to further create a society that will be prepared to face future challenges of conflict and to accordingly prevent escalation. THERE IS NO CHANGE WITHOUT YOU !!! 

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