PhD in Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Declaration: WORLD MEDIATION ORGANIZATION does not confer academic degrees. WORLD MEDIATION  ORGANIZATION cooperates with EUCLID University and recommends such programs. Euclid University states: ‘WMO and EUCLID have been partners for several years – a partnership formalized by the high-level memorandum of understanding – in view of their common goals in the field of mediation. The two organizations are remarkably complementary in the sense that EUCLID is a degree-granting institution focusing on global mediation at the level of state actors whereas WMO is a network of professionals which focuses more on interpersonal, communal and business-related mediation. WMO has also demonstrated expertise in developing course material as well as organizing international seminars combining academic and civil society participants. Both organizations look forward to continuing to foster better knowledge and understanding of the increasingly important field of mediation at all levels of society.’

Ph.D. in Mediation and Conflict Resolution: Conflict is present and destructive at all levels of life and society. Our still-new century is rife with inter-personal conflicts which are expressed and originated on various accounts: ethnic, religious, psychological, economic, etc. Because conflict is so damaging to society, mediation and conflict resolution has become a very important skill, one that can be applied to serve many organizations and government bodies. These are some of the critical topics covered in EUCLID’s unique online Doctorate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution in cooperation with WORLD MEDIATION ORGANIZATION – unique because offered by an international intergovernmental organization committed to facilitating dialogue and conflict resolution, as well as unique for being delivered completely is distance / online format. The EUCLID online doctorate in mediation and conflict resolution is also unique for blending personal level psychology with high-level issues (diplomacy, inter-religious dialogue) and practical skills (negotiation), the purpose is to offer comprehensive coverage of this broad topic.

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PhD in Mediation and Conflict Resolution Certificate