EUCLID Academic Programs

Dear Visitor, WORLD MEDIATION ORGANIZATION cooperates with EUCLID University (EUCLID) for a period of almost one decade. Together, both institutes had the opportunity to mutually develop new campus schools, degree programs, and post-graduate certificate courses.

It is and always was the wish to equip mankind with the knowledge that enables people to ask questions, think critically, and to find solutions to issues that they found themselves in, that worried their community, or that was challenging on a national and / or international level.

Prof. Laurent Cleenewerck – International Faculty Coordinator / Euclid University: ‘WMO and EUCLID have been partners for several years – a partnership formalized by the high-level memorandum of understanding – in view of their common goals in the field of mediation. The two organizations are remarkably complementary in the sense that EUCLID is a degree-granting institution focusing on global mediation at the level of state actors whereas WMO is a network of professionals which focuses more on interpersonal, communal and business-related mediation. WMO has also demonstrated expertise in developing course material as well as organizing international seminars combining academic and civil society participants. Both organizations look forward to continuing to foster better knowledge and understanding of the increasingly important field of mediation at all levels of society.’

Recently, WORLD MEDIATION ORGANIZATION and EUCLID were able to create the School of Mediation and Terrorism Studies that offers deep insights on how to prevent and manage escalated interactions of the most threatening character. Here, we offer Master’s and Ph.D. Programme in Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Terrorism Studies and Deradicalization... Please take your time to obtain more information on the programs, learn more about the academic authorities, and how this knowledge may be of benefit for your professional plans and mankind in general:

Certificates and Programs


Mindful Mediation and Conflict Resolution Training

This is a newly developed course on the interdisciplinary and highly complex topic of Mindful Mediation & Conflict Management. It provides the flexibility and accessibility for students to study at their own pace.


Master in Mediation and Conflict Resolution

The corresponding goal of this program is to prepare practitioners and experts able to provide world-class and effective mediation services…


Certificate in Mediation

In order to obtain the PGC, you may have finished the WMO Online Training or other training which will be evaluated on our side. Due to the signed MOU between…


PhD in Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Conflict is present and destructive at all levels of life and society. Our still-new century is rife with inter-personal conflicts which are expressed and originated…


Master in Terrorism Studies and Deradicalization

EUCLID’s Master of Science in Terrorism Studies and Deradicalization exists to prepare government officials, social workers, ministers…


PhD in Terrorism Studies and Deradicalization

This program addresses the need for qualified  government and civil society professional, dealing with deradicalization and threat that often leads to violent extremism and terrorist actions.