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Dear Visitor, it has always been the goal of WMO to include a wide range of diverse peace supporters and to reach out to as many individuals as possible in order to make our projects more colorful and to truly enable all of us to learn from each other, to create common benefits and to spread the seed of peace as broad as possible. After many years of growth and impact building, the WORLD MEDIATION ORGANIZATION was finally able to offer a wide range of educational input on a very accessible level. But stating the truth, there were still many hindrances regarding the financial capacities of many, specifically by those who truly are in need of such knowledge.

Being an independent platform, WMO refuses donations and thereby is not able to offer the below-listed pieces of training and videos totally for free. But we truly hope that you get the message and appreciate our intention to include all of you and to exclude none! Please share this message and enjoy our Knowledge Hub.


"Comprehensive Mediation"


The education and execution of mediation is generally governed by professional regional and national associations that tend to promote mediation as a strict stage model. More often than not, these associations rely on non-academic trainings and re-certification processes, which tend to bind their graduates. In this system, mediators must remain affiliated and are attached to the corresponding educational philosophy. Consequently, recently trained mediators as well as long-term members may not benefit from the academic and professional freedom that may lead them to reflect on the original meaning and the roots of mediation, which would lead them to undergo a different kind of personal professional development process. In order to regulate this circumstance, this academic work presents a path to an ideal interdisciplinary study course, as well as a way to personally improve and optimize professional skills. This is a path to properly discover the art of individual practiced mediation.

€ 7,99


"Mindful Mediation and Conflict Management"

The Complete Training Manual

COMPLETE TRAINING MANUAL (Chapters 1 to 5): This cross-border and cross-cultural training does not intend to impose a western style of Mindful Mediation on another culture. The content of this workbook series emulsifies with the cultural background and language of the student and allows him or her to become a unique professional. In this way, this training offers the only worldwide achievable content that truly respects and works with global diversity. If all this sounds true to the potential student and reader, then it seems to be thrilling to become a successful and effective mediator exploring the inner logic of Mindful Mediation. The curriculum combines innovative perspectives on the acquisition and the application of knowledge. The outstanding benefit of this program is the fact that the content was minimized to a very practicable and crucial knowledge of high impact. Hereby, all knowledge can be easily remembered and put into practice right away. The complete series of documents deals with Mindfulness in Mediation, Applied Mindful Mediation, Analyzing and detecting Conflict, Interpersonal Crisis Communication, Critical Thinking – From Theory to Practice.

€ 7,99

Reviews on books

'The book Comprehensive Mediation by Daniel Erdmann inspires, motivates and encourages change in the field of conflict resolution trough mediation.'
Kristina Cukic
'This book is a bold step towards the attempt to unclamp the study of mediation from the grips of straight-jacket stage model training. Indeed, the time has come when, as the author rightly puts it, mediation training must be tackled from the perspective of broadening the system horizon of skills’ and the training or ‘deepening of core competencies.'
Gordon Ogola