Book Project

Comprehensive Mediation:

The education and execution of mediation are generally governed by professional regional and national associations that tend to promote mediation as a strict stage model. More often than not, these associations rely on non-academic training and re-certification processes, which tend to bind their graduates. In this system, mediators must remain affiliated and are attached to the corresponding educational philosophy. Consequently, recently trained mediators, as well as long-term members, may not benefit from the academic and professional freedom that may lead them to reflect on the original meaning and the roots of mediation, which would lead them to undergo a different kind of personal professional development process. In order to regulate this circumstance, this academic work presents a path to an ideal interdisciplinary study course, as well as a way to personally improve and to optimize professional skills. This document enables the reader to properly discover the art of individually practiced mediation, and how to identify dispute resolving skills within the proper personality. Buy this book here …

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