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Power based resolution in Mediation

There are, of course, many responses to conflict. Two common alternatives to the processes outlined in this note are avoidance, a refusal to acknowledge or engage in the problem; and

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History of ethnic minority in law and rule

Ethnic Minorities are suffering from land dispossession, land-related violence, reduced livelihood options, and narrow access to key social services. At the same time, it anchors the challenges faced by extreme

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Classification of Mediation

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has different forms. Mediation is one of these and it is a dialogue process designed to capture the parties’ insights, imagination, and ideas and facilitate

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Mediation and ethics

Conflicts are a considerable part of human relationships and thus cannot and should not always be avoided. However, we are able to choose how we address them and that is

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Impediments to conflict resolution in Syria

In the existing realist world today, it is implicitly understood that conflicts, wherever they break out, should at the outset be addressed through domestic state apparatus through political reform, settlements,

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