Daniel Erdmann

Name:  Daniel Erdmann

Status: WMO Mediator

Graduation: 10/12/2006

City / Country: Berlin, Germany

Field of Expertise: Mediation, Terrorism Studies, DeRadicalization and Conflict Resolution

Research field: Mediation, Conflict resolution, Conflict evaluation, Sociological aspects of conflict.

Further information: I worked for several years as a member of the managing board for humanitarian organizations. Nowadays he is the Chairman and Founder of the World Mediation Organization and Professor and Dean of the School of Mediation and Terrorism Studies at Euclid. He was a tutor at the United Nations System Staff College, and former COTIPSO Training Partner / Thesis Advisor at the Peace Operations Training Institute. He is responsible for the training concept, supervision and management of civil peace projects in Europe, Asia and the U.S. All professional skills are provided in English, Spanish and German language.

Your Professional Vision: I try to connect people on a global level and to spread education in the field of mediation and conflict resolution as much as possible, and raise the awareness of people towards the current complexity of living.

Extending my greetings: I wish all true peace supporters and activists harmony, balance, and love in their lives.

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