Checklist for WMO Journal Articles

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Daniel Erdmann
September 16, 2020

This checklist may ensure that the WMO journal articles follow international standards.
The articles shall follow a clear outline:

0) Abstract, 1) Introduction, 2) Main Context, 3) Potential Conflict Management Strategies, 4) Conclusion, 5) References.

Additionally, please make sure that you consider the following points:

☐ The article discusses a specific problem or situation.
☐ The article explains the problem, its importance, and offers potential solutions to the topic / problem.
☐ The article discusses the context by giving specific insights regarding the timeline and background information of the conflict.
☐ The article includes several citations / quotes of textbooks or relevant resources, and does not engage in plagiarism (rate <18%)
☐ The article shall follow the spelling and punctuation indications regarding the type of English you chose. A spell check should be realized accordingly.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me. I will be also happy to create a matching topic with you.

Best regards,