Ethnic & Political Struggles in Assam, Northeast India

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The article herein is probing into the ethnic conflicts in Assam, North Eastern State of India. Assam is fronting mammoth encounters as to illegal immigration; and the government of India decided to make a National Register of Citizens (NRC) is critically examined in the backdrop of efforts to bring peace initiations in the State. Auxiliary, this article pacts with the Bodo Accord, the peace accords signed between militants and the government; and further the article is exploring opportunities for peace and rebuilding democracy in the backdrop of relentless conflicts and ethnic clashes in the State of Assam.

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3 Responses

  1. This situation is very tricky. If people are not recognized as people, especially if the young do not grow up with hope and ambition that disintegrates society in my opinion.

    The Palestinian refugees in Lebanon face the similar situation that their children do not have any legal existence. That amounts in the feeling and to various degrees the reality of being denied a future.

    Cynthia Petrigh, “No freedom, no future: undocumented Palestinian refugees in Lebanon”, Forced Migration Review, FMR 26, August 2006. Accessed 4th of December 2019

  2. This is indeed a very good matter to view upon. The impact the marginalized communities have in policy making is an important thing to be looked upon. More often when a community revolts violently against a cause they are termed naxals. The cause for this is to be looked upon and the issues thereafter to be dealt with care we can’t deport immigrants who have been living here for a long period of time. They have their branches spread across these communities which can’t be cut down easily, The very fact of this bodo accord one failing and then the second one being signed shows the intensity of the issue.

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