Supporters of Global Peace and Conflict Resolution,

becoming a WMO FELLOW means to many persons obtaining their professional realization and fulfillment. This may be based on its triple sense. First, they expressed their loyalty towards WMO. Second, they help people to find a path to non-violent coexistence. Third, they continuously improved their academic writing style and how to perform professional research. After a period of two years, serving mankind as a WMO Associate, such individual is now welcome to receive the promotion to the rank of WMO Fellow. This promotion requires the publishing of 4 articles at the WMO Articles section.

Time is due and mankind needs the support of critical thinkers. Being experts and contributors in the field of conflict resolution, avoidance of structural abuse, and critical thinking – we need to join forces and raise the public awareness towards the complexity of the global community and international politics. We can not further accept the fact that humans are suffering misinformation and misleading media terror, unconscious psychological pressure passed down from state authorities to the individual, and financial exploitation of mankind.

In order to put our vision to practice, we invite you to join WORLD MEDIATIONORGANIZATION on a professional level and to further expand our network of contributors from the grass-roots to the top-dog level. It has never been as important as today, to understand the complexity of nowadays life. Politicians, nations, and companies are generating huge profits by initiating and supporting escalated disputes as well as by sharing fear and spreading modified information in all fields of our life, while putting us into an environment of terror and chaos. It is up to us to break free and to work against concepts that are generated to be ‚normal‘ and ‚true‘. It is our task to re-establish a social balance that was violated by oppressors as mentioned above.

Your benefits of being a WMO FELLOW:

  1. You get access to the internal WMO CONFLICT INSIGHT Database.
  2. Your professional articles may be selected to form part of WMO Book projects.
  3. You continue to work with peers and to initiate complex group research projects.
  4. Your skills and loyalty made you obtain a globally appreciated rank of researcher.
  5. You will receive a 20% discount on WMO Events that are announced on this website.
  6. You will obtain a proper webspace to display your  CV / Professional data on our website.
  7. Your articles will be reviewed and selected for the publication in the  Euclid University Journal.
  8. For Institutional Fellows only: Your organization / institute / university can appoint 4 persons as Fellows.

What you need to become a WMO FELLOW:

Due to our internal promotion standards, a WMO FELLOW is asked to serve mankind by sharing his / her expertise in form of writing work. Hereby, we refer to academic research articles, professional observation and / or analytical reports. Such work shall be presented by 4 articles. Generally, we offer a period of two years for realizing this task. In special occasions, the time can be reduced while the amount of articles remains. During this period, the future WMO Fellow will be listed as WMO Fellow Candidate.

What we expect from a WMO FELLOW:

  • A WMO FELLOW continuous the individual academic research.
  • A WMO FELLOW will send at least 2 – 4 articles for publication per year.

Registration Procedure:


The annual fee  of 290,- EURO / 145,- EURO for an individual and 590,- EURO / 295,- EURO for an institution, shall be transferred by Paypal and Credit Card (Proceed as Paypal Guest) . Future fees are due on January 15th of each year and are not refundable. Please add your Name, Adress, and contact data to the transaction form.


WMO Fellowship

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