WMO Global Gatherings

Welcome to the WMO way of exchanging on a global level.

Daniel Erdmann
Head of Education

We are glad to offer you thrilling monthly virtual meetings that enable you to connect with all our members, to learn from their insights, to receive first-hand statements on conflicts and dispute related issues, and to also offer them a helping hand by their personal and professional improvement by sharing your Light. Witness what our global experts want to share with you in order to deepen your knowledge, extend your impact, and to widen your horizon. Become a member, and exchange with luminaries from around the world.

The purpose of the WMO Global Gatherings is to create a strong worldwide acting community that stands in for our vision of non-armed dialogue and the sustainable impact of education. In order to make this vision become reality, the global gatherings deepen our professional understanding and encourage us to become facilitating change-makers. Our members cover a wide range of professional and intercultural expertise and are more than happy to share their insights with a broader audience. 

What makes a member be qualified to join such a meeting? Well, first of all, it is the personal and professional background that enables a person to share or not to share valuable insights on a topic. We believe that each story is worth to listen to, and that we are able to learn from all our doubts, questions, and difficulties. Only by raising such topics, improvement can be achieved. In case you are interested in joining, I kindly ask you to sign up as a member. Accordingly, you will receive the corresponding invitations to the meetings. Sign up here …