The WMO research grants program supports research projects, which undertake Peace Research in Education, Leadership, Universal Development, and Innovations, with the aim to Upgrade the concept of Mediation. Hereby, WMO establishes contact between the support granting entity and the grantee. Being dedicated to education, progress, and development, WMO afterward supervises the research process and guides the grantee.

Information regarding the grant:

The grant offering partners of the World Mediation Organization support young scholars intending to undertake research projects on the topics falling under the Mediation, Peace, and Conflict Area Studies (eg. conflict analysis, conflict resolution, third party interventions: mediation, facilitation, arbitration, conflict prevention, conflict transformation, peacebuilding, peace education, etc.). 

The small grants program will specifically support projects, which undertake peace research in education, leadership, universal development, and innovations, upgrading the concept of mediation. The research project should intend to be an introductory piece in the relevant area of studies and prelude the development of further research on a meaningful academic topic. The research project should share the core values of WMO. The amount awarded to successful applicants is 2500 Euros. The research project must be completed within 12 months of receiving the grant. 


Ph.D. students, who have not yet completed their Ph.D. studies in an accredited educational institution, are eligible to apply for the grant. 

The grant amount: 

The awarding grant amount is 2500 Euros. 

Selection process: 

WMO Grant Administrator will provide an initial review of the research project abstract for this award. If the application is deemed suitable, the full application will be sent out to World Mediation Organization board members for final review and selection.

Grant application cycles: 

There are two granting cycles per year: 

Cycle 1: Applications open January 15 – February 15

Cycle 2: Applications open June 15 – Deadline July 15  

Applications are only accepted during the application windows.

Additional information:

Applicants may receive only one research grant per cycle.  The WMO Research Grants (offered by the partners of WMO) are small grants intended to assist scholars in undertaking academic research projects. These grants are for individuals, enrolled in Ph.D. programs at accredited educational institutions. The grant recipients are allowed to spend the awarding amount according to their research needs. However, the WMO does not allow overhead costs or indirect administrative costs to be covered as part of the grant, neither does the WMO allow rent and other permanent living expenses as part of the budget.

Required Documents for Grant Application:

There are 4 required documents necessary to be prepared in the English language for application to the grant:

  1. Abstract of the research project (text limit: 1 page)
  2. Description of the research project proposal (text limit: 17 pages)
  3. Curriculum Vitae of the applicant
  4. Two letters of recommendations provided by persons familiar with the applicant’s academic and/or relevant practical work.

All 4 documents must be delivered as PDF files. A4. Recommended formatting: font: Times New Roman, font size: at least 11, interline: single.

  1. Abstract (text limit: 1 page) 
  2. Recommended formatting: top-bottom margins: 1.5 cm, left-right margins: 2 cm, font: Times New Roman or equivalent, font size: at least 11, interline: single.
  3. The abstract should include the project goal, description of research, reasons for attempting a particular research topic, and substantial results expected.
  4. Description of the research project proposal (text limit: 17 pages) 
  5. The detailed description of the project should include the following information: Significance of the research project; Concept and work plan of the project; Research methodology; preliminary literature. Failure to include any of the required sections in the project proposal shall form grounds for the rejection of the application. 
  6. Curriculum Vitae of the applicant 
  7. The CV should include all necessary academic and professional experience the applicant has obtained to the date of application to the research grant. 
  8. Two letters of recommendations provided by persons familiar with the applicant’s academic and/or relevant professional work. 

Letters of recommendation should be provided by individuals that are familiar with the applicant’s academic and/or professional skills. In case the applicant has a significant (non-academic) practical experience related to the research topic intended to be undertaken within the scope of the grant, one of the two recommendation letters can be written by those individuals familiar with the applicant’s practical work. Recommendation letters should be signed, scanned, and saved into PDF format. 

The subject line should state: WMO Research Grant Application. Please create a first contact by using our contact form. Afterwards, all documents should be sent by the applicant in the follow-up email exchange.