• by Alicia Moro
  • 9. July 2019
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A teacher asks his students to carry a plastic bag and potatoes in their backpacks that day. So many popes, as unresolved problems have with people (friends, family, acquaintances, all)
Once in the classroom, make them write the name of the person with whom they have the problem, (or had, but still not resolved in their minds), in each pope. Then, all the potatoes go to the plastic bag, and from there to the backpack. Some carried really big bags!

The premise marked by the teacher, was to “carry” the backpack all day, at all times, and every day without exception, during the time they needed to conclude those problems.
With the passing of days, the heat, the closed bag … the potatoes began to deteriorate, to rot and smell bad. The weight of carrying them daily, you would not forget at any time, they had to put all their attention in the backpack and left aside much more important issues, they stopped seeing the beautiful things that life held for them every day.

Finally the teacher met his students again, with their backpacks and their bags of rotten potatoes. The classroom smelled really bad. The faces of the students were not good, none wanted to smile, they were very busy covering their noses not to breathe the whiff that emanated from their backs.

The teacher asked them the following questions:

  • Has it been hard?
  • It smells really bad. Is not the smell unbearable?
  • Has it been heavy to load the backpack at all hours?
    Well, that’s what we do every day, when we do not forgive, when we get resentful. Each pope is a forgiveness NOT granted, a feeling of revenge that we carry on our backs, on a daily basis.
    You’ve been thinking about what relationships do you feel you carry with a backpack that is already starting to smell? What do you gain by carrying resentment wherever you go? o What price do you pay daily for not having forgiven?

If you want to lighten that backpack that you carry on your back and you do not know how? I accompany you to discover it together through our workshop: “MANAGING EMOTIONS”. I invite you to write me.


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