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Our goals and internal proceedings:

The purpose of the WMO Research Institute is to create high-quality first-hand conflict reports, evaluations, and proposals towards practicable solutions. In order to make this vision become reality, the research institute is ruled by a diverse board of directors. The members of this board cover a wide range of professional and intercultural expertise and are more than happy to share their insights with a broader audience.

In order to realize this work and to identify topics to work on, the board initiates internal surveys where WMO Members can propose research topics. Once, such a topic is selected, matching WMO Members will be invited to join the research process. What makes a member be qualified to join such a project? Well, first of all, it is the personal and professional background that enables a person to share or not to share valuable insights on a topic. Second, WMO members are able to add posts to the already published articles in our journal. Here, the board is able to evaluate the writing skills of the members. If the individual’s expertise and analytical writing skills are evaluated positively, the person gets officially invited to join the project.

Publishing the research results:

The outcome of the research will be presented in a WMO Round Table / Online Conference. Here, the directors and invited researchers will present the article in full and initiate a question and answer section with the audience. Once, the article was presented in the conference call, it will receive an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) and be published in the WMO Journal. The articles published within one year will accordingly be available in a printed version afterwards. We are thrilled to see you joining WMO, to learn from your perspectives during the Round Table, and to make you benefit from our efforts.

Board of Directors

Daniel Erdmann, PhD

WMO Director General

Daniel Erdmann worked for several years as a member of the managing board for humanitarian organizations and owns a Master’s and PhD Degree in Mediation and Conflict Management. Nowadays he is the Chairman and Founder of the World Mediation Organization, and Professor and Dean of the School of Mediation and Terrorism Studies at Euclid.
He was a tutor at the United Nations System Staff College, a former COTIPSO Training Partner / Thesis Advisor at the Peace Operations Training Institute, and a teacher of Humanities. He is the author of several books on the topic of Applied and Mindful Mediation, the author of a multitude of critical articles on our society, and the developer of the WMO Online Training on Mindful Mediation and Conflict Management. In this section, he is responsible for the strategic management and realization of reasearch. All professional skills are provided in English, Spanish and German language.

Marina K. Khamitsevich holds degrees in International Relations and International Private Law. She had worked in the field of project and process management in multinational companies and later advised private sector on various aspects of corporate and commercial law, labor, real estate, intellectual property and compliance related matters.

Marina is a Russian citizen with an inclusive global perspective, shaped by living & working experience in France, UK, Brazil, and Switzerland. WMO certified Mediator and Conflict Manager, member of Russian National Organization of Mediators. Speaker at national and international conferences, author at Win-Win. How – a blog about conflict resolution, social psychology and intercultural communication. Currently based in Switzerland, Marina is completing her studies of Swiss law and volunteering for a number of educational organizations. She is particularly interested in the research fields related to alternative dispute resolutions, cross-cultural communication, and sport diplomacy and mediation.

Marina Khamitsevich

Dilshad Dayani, Ed.D

‘Dilshad Dayani, is a journalist, speaker, leadership trainer, certified mediator, cross-cultural communication coach, and a social impact tech. strategist. She is an associate professor of adaptive negotiation, and conflict resolution at the Columbia University.

She is also a consultant/ faculty at The School of New York Times, as well as an Amazon best-selling author on intrapersonal conflict, women ’s cultural narratives of success & unconscious bias. She has been working in the human rights domain internationally for the last 20 years. She has been a speaker at the United Nations CSW, and a contributor for Huffington Post and Thrive Global. She has produced and hosted 450 bilingual radio and television talk shows to educate, and acculturate immigrants focusing on women and family empowerment. As the founder of Lead 2 Empower, an executive training, and consultancy redefining diverse cultural modalities of learning, communication, conflict resolution, cultural diplomacy and negotiations, she aims to build gender balance human capital. As a scholar-practitioner of conflict studies, her career has combined research, project development and training and teaching from NGOs, Academia, Media, the United Nations, to Fortune 500 companies.   

Dilshad served for eight years on the advisory board for PBS advocating for minority voices, promoting intercultural conflict resolution engaging in strategic programming and partnerships. Contributor to Huffington Post and Thrive Global. Primary areas of practice over the last twenty years include: working with individuals and immigrant groups on issues of change, mediation, acculturation, mindful and meditation practices, cultural and interpersonal religious conflicts, leadership development, multicultural team building in organizations, and diversity. She received her master’s degree in Instructional Design and Media from Columbia University along with her communication certification in Cognition and Technology. Dilshad finished her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Northcentral University in 2016. Her love for arts and crafts views artistic aspirations as significant tools to bond humanity at a profound and peaceful level.

She has facilitated the “International Leaders Exchange” Program at the US Department of State, and found diplomacy and the art of mediation to be extremely important tools in building peace Initiatives. Her role as the community advisory board member for NPR and PBS for 8 years gave her valuable insight on diversity and strategic programming. She has also served as the President of National Diversity Council Dallas Chapter.’



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Mirella Kreder is a self-employed business consultant and family mediator.

She worked mostly in the field of business mediation, offered mediation workshops, was part of the team of CDRC Vienna (2017) and ICC Paris (2018), and acted as a coach of the University of Kolkata Team in the CDRC 2018. She is a Certified Cross-Border Mediator, Business Psychologist and Business Consultant.

From autumn 2019 on, she specializes in Cross-Border Family Mediation (to qualify to mediate cross-border family disputes, including international child abduction, access and custody cases / covering legal aspects of international family conflicts, differences in national family legislation, the 1980 and 1996 Hague Conventions, the Brussels II bis Regulation as well as the best interest and the voice of the child).

Mirella Kreder

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