Virtual Research

Dear Colleagues, Our common research activities, with the goal of editing a book publication, will continue in the coming year 2021. As the current pandemic had specific impact on our research groups and their inner workings, we will change our concept a bit. This time, I would like to prepare one topic and ask all […]

Virtual Lecturing

Dear Colleagues, WMO is extending its virtual educational operations with a wide range of cooperation partners. Therefore, we look for lecturing support in the following fields: Sociology, Psychology, Pedagogy, and Treaty Law. This call is directed to all members. If you have at least a Master’s Degree and more than one year of teaching experience […]

Points Research

Dear Colleagues, It is my pleasure to briefly introduce to you what we are going to work on in the coming year. As promised, I invite you and your institutional members to participate in a very unique project of global reach. The call for the WMO Points – Social Peace Manual 2021 is accordingly directed […]

Executive Positions

Dear Colleagues, We are slowly entering the end-of-year period. This is not Positions only a possibility to reflect but also an option to look into the future – a time that we can create by our common contribution. From what we learned during this year, it is our contribution and exchange that makes us connect, […]