WMO Job Market

Welcome to the WMO Job Market.

WMO offers members and non-members a wide range of potential engagements in order to deepen professional insights, to strengthen interpersonal relations, and to be productive in a sustainable and meaningful way. Together we build, together we grow, together we support peace building on an international level.

1) Virtual Internship

WMO offers virtual / online research internship of 3 – 6 months. This call is directed to all members and non-members who you might want to contact. In the first month, the intern realizes the WMO Online Training, from the second to sixth month, the intern realizes global conflict analysis, creates conflict reports, develops social peace concepts, and identifies potential partners for realizing such peace supportive activities. The internship does not include payment. If you are interested in such a service and commitment, please send us a 500 words (max.) motivation letter by making use of the general contact form.


2) Virtual Research

WMO’s common research activities, with the goal of editing a book publication, will continue in the year 2021. Commonly, we will prepare one topic and ask all contributors to create correspondingly one article. This call is directed to all members. If you wish to belong to a truly international research group, feel free to sign up (membership required) and to coordinate your potential article’s topic with us. For further exchange, please make use of the general contact form. 


3) Virtual Lecturing

WMO is extending its virtual educational operations with a wide range of cooperation partners. Therefore, we look for lecturing support in the following fields: Sociology, Psychology, Pedagogy, and Treaty Law. This call is directed to all members. If you have at least a Master’s Degree and more than one year of teaching experience in one or more of the above mentioned fields, I kindly ask you to send us your CV in text form and a confirmative letter of the institute that you are / were teaching for. For further exchange, please make use of the general contact form. 


4) WMO Points

It is my pleasure to briefly introduce to you what we are going to work on in the coming year. As promised, we invite you, being a WMO Delegate and your institutional members to participate in a very unique project of global reach. The call for the WMO Points – Social Peace Manual 2021 is accordingly directed to WMO Point Delegates only. Commonly, we will be creating a practical manual that will have a major impact in real life social peace building for pedagogic staff. I will share more information in a separate email. For further exchange, please make use of the general contact form.


5) Executive Positions

Based on our periodical appointment system, the following positions will be vacant from January 1st, 2021 on. Therefore, you are free to apply for such by sending us a 500 words (max.) motivation letter by December 15th latest. For further exchange, please make use of the general contact form.

Head of Research: The Head of Research will coordinate a global research project with all WMO Points and its Delegates. The research will end in a publication.

Head of Journal: The Head of Journal will supervise the academic writing format of our journal articles, and review our member’s profiles in order to ask pro-actively specific members to create conflict reports on issues of current interest.

Head of Conference: The Head of Conference will lead virtual members’s conference calls and coordinate virtual lectures to be published in our WMO Round Table Video Hub.

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