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Supporters of Global Peace and Conflict Resolution,

being a Mediator, Conflict Resolution Practitioner, and Peace Supporter is much more than doing family conflict management, academic research, or being in the concrete trouble spot. It means to counter structural conflict on all levels, and to raise awareness regarding the abuse of human goodwill and necessity for harmony. Nowadays Mediators and Conflict Resolution Practitioners have to work in hot spots but also dedicate their time to sustainable middle and long term solutions. And more often than not, this work starts with educating other individuals. Only by spreading the understanding, the skills, and the knowledge of conflict avoidance, we will be able to make people understand national and international operations realized by governments that have direct influence to our very private lives.

By becoming a listed WMO MEDIATOR, you take a step towards further professional improvement, and start expressing what you and your name stands for, namely the necessity to rebalance our society and to prevent future violent escalation.

Your benefits of being a WMO MEDIATOR:

  1. You connect globally to critical innovative thinkers who truly work for peace.
  2. You will display your professional vision, competence and expertise to mankind.
  3. Your engagement is a seal of professional quality that is much valued worldwide.
  4. You will globally support conflict avoidance, crisis management and social healing.
  5. You will receive a 10% discount on WMO Events that are announced on this website.
  6. You will obtain a proper webspace to display your  CV / Professional data on our website.

What you need to become a WMO MEDIATOR:

According to our philosophy, namely that Mediation is a social skill that is veiled within each of us, we believe that the art of Mediation, Dispute De-escalation, and Peace Negotiation was already practiced in an adequate way in childhood and was afterwards developed to a more or lesser level. In order to create one common level upon which we may meet professionally, we ask all applicants to confirm that they accept our Code of Ethics.

What we expect from a WMO MEDIATOR:

  • A WMO MEDIATOR shall spread our vision as mentioned above.
  • A WMO MEDIATOR follows the professional WMO Code of Ethics.
  • A WMO MEDIATOR will realize peace work on the grassroots level.

Registration Procedure:


The annual fee of 190,- EURO / 95,- EURO shall be transferred by Paypal and Credit Card (Proceed as Paypal Guest) . Future fees are due on January 15th of each year and are not refundable. Please add your Name, Adress, and contact data to the transaction form.


WMO Mediator

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