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Alexandre Simões

Name:  Keble Babey

Status: WMO Mediator

Entry Date: 29/11/2018

City / Country: Sao Paulo / Brazil

My expertise and field of action: Certified mediator by Mediaras (Agentina) and ALGI Mediação, Instituto DeFamilia and ICFML (Brazil); Lawear, founder of Ragazzo, Simões, Lazzareschi e Montoro Advogados (since 1990); Teacher of Deal-Making, Negotiation and Business Mediationfor Post-Graduation at FIAP, IBMEC-SP and CEU LAW SCHOOL (São Paulo, Brazil)
Mediator in Business Disputes (Domestic and International), Contracts, Sports Law, Company Law, and Family Law.
member of the Mediator panel at CAM-CCBC, CAE-EUROCÂMARAS, CAMARB, CBMA, ARBITAC, CMS-SINDUCON, CCM-ACIF, CAMITAL, CAMES and ALGI Mediação (all Brazilian Institutions), and participated in mediations held also at CAM-AMCHAM and FECOMERCIO ARBITRAL (also in Brasil).

My professional vision as WMO Member: A WMO Mediator is someone who takes highly into consideration that peaceful solutions produce better and long-standing results among human beings, companies, and governments, and assists them in finding paths and possibilities in this direction. A WMO Mediator focusses on the problems to be solved, but treats people who  participate in such a task in the most respectful way possible.

Articles of Alexandre Simões: … coming soon …

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