Alicia Hernandez Socorro

Name:  Alicia Hernandez Socorro

Status: WMO Student

Entry Date: 23/04/2019

City / Country: Lanzarote / Spain

My expertise and field of action: I am a civil, mercantile, family mediator, registered as such in the Spanish Ministry of Justice. At the same time, I am a lawyer and work with non-European residents, who come to invest in the Canary Islands.

My professional vision as WMO Member: I understand that many conflicts can be arranged by approaching people than by moving them away with proceedings in the Courts that can further encumber the problem and be further from the solution. A mediator can open new ways of possible solutions that at first view you do not see because the conflict makes you be closed and not see the best solution.

Articles of Alicia Hernandez Socorro: … search here …

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