Ana Sarabia

Name:  Ana Sarabia

Status: WMO Fellow

Entry Date: 27/11/2018

City / Country: Vigo / Spain

My expertise and field of action: Civil mediator, family, mercantile. Collaborative Lawyer iacp, family and company manager in the elaboration of protocols for the prevention of conflicts. Process Facilitator Premaria Teacher Non-Violent Communication Practitioner by R. Marshall.

My professional vision as WMO Member: The value of words is important but is convinced by the facts, real work and field in favor of a world closer to dialogue, listening to the other, to the acceptance of diversity and different thinking. The generator of Peace is actively participating in dialogue and listening, sharing experiences so that we learn and repeat other visions. It is sharing knowledge to advance better and faster. From Spain, from the westernmost part of Europe (Galicia), we open the doors to listening to the dialogue in the daily walk.

Articles of Ana Sarabia: … search here …

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