Charline Gregoire

Name:  Charline Gregoire

Status: WMO Student

Entry Date: 25/04/2019

City / Country: Braives / Belgium

My expertise and field of action: Bachelor degree in International Business at Maastricht University, Master in Project management for Local Development, International Cooperation and Europroject Management at Social Change School. Experience on the field as a volunteer.

My professional vision as WMO STUDENT: I see myself as an open-minded, empathic, enthusiastic and straight-forward person. I love to adapt and to listen to different points of view, no one is entirely wrong, no-one is entirely right and everyone is as equally important. I love the fact to be able to reconcile what first seems to be two opposite views without any of them to feel let down. I love the idea of seeing a conflict as an opportunity for change and transformation.

I see myself as someone that will be able to bring a light on the conflicts around ecology. Being able to mediate those kinds of conversations is what makes the biggest sense to me. It is just about listening, learning and finding the red thread that will agree with everyone.

Articles of Charline Gregoire: … search here …

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