Maria Soutullo Crespo

Name: Maria Soutullo Crespo

Status: WMO Mediator, WMO Fellow

Entry Date: 27/12/2018

City / Country: Pontevedra/ Spain

My expertise and field of action: Consenso e Didacticas Sistemicas SL. Observe. Analyze. Understanding the Human Being from a complete, holistic, systemic view of Life. From prevention to solve both individual and group, family, social and organizational disputes. The nexus for consensus is Love.

My professional vision as WMO FELLOW: I share with the WMO the global vision of Peace from the perspective of the Human Being. Facilitate peaceful coexistence among all peoples and beliefs. Promote group well-being by understanding each person individually.

Articles of Maria Soutullo Crespo: … search here …

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