Marina Khamitsevich

Status: WMO Continental Advisor

Name:  Marina Khamitsevich

Entry Date: 01/06/2018

City / Country: Biel / Bienne, Switzerland

Field of Expertise: Law and Conflict Resolution

Articles: See at the bottom of this page … (please allow cookies).

Research field: Intercultural mediation, effective communication, sport mediation, restorative justice, reconciliation, Russia.

Further information: Far far away in Siberia. Marina was born in Novosibirsk, Russia. Where nature is wild and the temperature is freezing, people find warmth, enjoyment, and satisfaction in connecting to each other. Since then, Marina had been living in different cities in Russia and abroad keeping that Siberian attitude when connecting to people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Marina holds degrees in International Relations and Private International Law. Russian, English, French and Portuguese speaker. She has diverse working experience in multinational companies and academic interests in alternative dispute resolutions and cross-cultural communication.  Living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Marina also concerned herself with the topics of restorative justice and reconciliation. Currently lives in Switzerland, where sports mediation and diplomacy became another field of interest.  WMO certified Mediator and Conflict Manager. Speaker at a national conference and member of Russian National Organization of Mediators.

Your Professional Vision: perfection in the legal profession, deepening knowledge and skills in intercultural communication. Sharing knowledge and assisting people in discovering common grounds as well as feelings, needs, and positions in order to prevent or efficiently resolve conflicts.

Extending my greetings: To all those Siberians in souls –  those who, just like me, find deep meaning as well as challenges and valuable lessons in an act as simple and complicated as interpersonal communication.

Articles by Marina Khamitsevich: … search here …

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