Matias Linder

Name:  Matias Linder

Status: WMO Student

Entry Date: 23/03/2019

City / Country: Cascais / Portugal

My expertise and field of action: I am an Institution Development and Human Resources professional, working in the international development field. Currently I work for the German Cooperation Agency – GIZ – building the institutional capacity of the Ministries of Labor and Public Health of Afghanistan. I also work as consultant for the International Labor Organization – ILO – where I train conflict prevention facilitators, the network of ILO staff engaged by the ILO’s Ombudsman to address conflict at its earliest possible stage. In the past, I worked for 11 years at European Union institutions, where I was a coordinator of confidential counselors (assigned and trained to address conflict at its earliest possible stage).

My professional vision as WMO STUDENT: I am applying to the WMO online training in order to obtain further academic knowledge and formal certification in the field of conflict management and mediation. I look forward to broadening my career perspectives and to become a mediator. As mediator, I would like to put my experience, skills and personal attributes at the service of building an increasingly peaceful world, and greater justice and fairness in the resolution of conflict.

Articles of Matias Lindner: … search here …

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