Norma de la Cruz

Name:  Norma de la Cruz

Status: WMO Student

Entry Date: 27/03/2019

City / Country: Hoarwithy / United Kingdom

My expertise and field of action: I am a freelance consultant that works with various international organisations. I have been working around the world providing technical assistance to electoral management bodies, capacity building in post-conflict countries and emerging democracies, helping to respect human rights and participation throughout elections. As well, I am a certificate coach that is developing and acquiring new skills to be able to be better equipt to help others and do my bit to build understanding.

My professional vision as WMO STUDENT: Be part of this global effort for generating kindness and helping to build mediation skills that will harmonise our interactions and the way we are related to the world and support to build a better way of building a better relationship in every interaction.

Articles of Norma de la Cruz: … search here …

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