Rosa Perez Martell

Name:  Rosa Perez Martell

Status: WMO Fellow, WMO Mediator

Entry Date: 22/04/2019

City / Country: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

My expertise and field of action: LEGAL BACKGROUND Ph.D., Senior Lecturer at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), (commercial, procedural law, mediation, and arbitration). Collaborator Assistant University Oberta of Cataluña (UOC), (procedural law, mediation, and arbitration). She was Lecturer of mediation and arbitration in the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Bar Association. She’s been visiting Lecturer at different Universities in Europe.EDUCATION Graduated: Complutense University of Madrid. Postgraduate: Negotiation (Madrid, Spain), Mediation (USA, Ginebra UE), Arbitration (Madrid, Ginebra UE).LEGAL EXPERIENCE Former Substitute Judge at the Provincial Court of Canary Islands. She has worked as a Lawyer (at a corporate firm) Mediator and Arbitrator. DESCRIPTION OF PRACTICEShe is known as commercial mediator/arbitratorShe currently focusses her practice on alternative dispute resolution methods(ADR/ ODR). As a dispute resolution specialist, she leads/has mediated/arbitrated a variety of matters: Her mediation, arbitration practice is focused on civil/commercial dispute resolution, including commercial contracts, trademark, intellectual property, copyright, corporate law, and all other types of disputes across industries as diverse as information technology, tourism, entertainment, Internet and E-Commerce, health care, and distribution, publishing, insurance, and professional services. LEGAL PUBLICATION She has published hundreds of studies in the field of her expertise: 6 books and more than 30 articles, most often concerning mediation, arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Online Dispute Resolution, Procedural Law. LEGAL ASSOCIATIONS She co-founded SAMADR-ULPGC. She is a member of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Bar Association; TAMC; Canarian Island School of Arbitration and Mediation; “College” Arbitration and Mediation; Canarian Island Forum of Arbitration and Mediation; The Defender of the Mediator/Arbitrator; Canarian Island Observatory for the Promotion of the ADR; Executive Board of Arbitration and Mediation; Advisory Council of Arbitration and Mediation; Canarian Island Monitoring Committee of Arbitration and Mediation; Commission appointed to Law Reform Proposal about ADR/ODR. She also served as a Commissioner of the “mediation’s place” (Justice department, Canary Islands). TRAINING Director of a lot of courses, workshops, and seminaries about Mediation, Negotiation, and Arbitration. Rosa has lectured about negotiation/mediation/arbitration: She has been invited to give addresses and speak at many international events. She helps people, businesses and organizations end disputes and avoid the high cost and long delays of litigation using mediation or arbitration. As a mediator, she helps the parties to decide the issues they want to resolve, communicate effectively, articulate what is important to each, gather all necessary information, create options for settlement.

My professional vision as WMO Member: Be a better profesional and human being, teach the student to use new skills, abilities, competences

Articles of Rosa Perez Martell: … search here …

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