Sneha Mohanty

Name:  Sneha Mohanty

Status: WMO Student

Entry Date: 11/09/2019

City / Country: Bangalore / India

My expertise and field of action:

Student at School of Law, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bangalore – 560085.

Law Student’s Toolkit, Provided Harvard Law at Coursera
CopyrightX, Provided by Harvard Law at Coursera
Contact Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract, Coursera 

CAMP Mediation, Bangalore: Drafting, Research, Content Writing, Observation of Mediation Proceedings. 

* Constitutional Shield to Marital Rape, Supremo Amicus
* Right To Abortion, IJLR
* International Commercial Arbitration in the Light of Public Policy, NLUO Journal

My professional vision as WMO MEMBER: My Professional vision as a WMO Fellow is to take back as much as I can from this instant course and implement them at a grass root level. ADR is a still recent concept in the South Asian countries and has to be worked on more in order to sideline difficulties in the applications of laws and treaties already in place.

Articles of Sneha Mohanty: … search here …

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