Thalia Veintimilla

Name:  Thalia Veintimilla

Status: WMO Fellow Candidate

Entry Date: 04/07/2018

City / Country: Los Angeles / USA

Field of Expertise: Neuroscience and Mediation: Elementary Schools, Mediation Environments, Neuroplasticity

Articles: See at the bottom of this page … (please allow cookies).

Research field: Neuroscience, International Affairs, International Conflicts, Child Abuse, Elementary and Adult Child Development, Mediation with Neuroscience

My Professional Vision: I ask myself these three questions every day: Why do I like my career? How long will I endure it?, and how can I give to others?

As I continue digging into it day by day, I realize that in the course of my experiences and my life, answers are just a few. Every new person I meet carries another set of answers that become part of a puzzle. It just never stops.

As I see my children discovering the world, it is up to me to design their mental stability. Their discovery through curiosity only is going to continue for life. That is, we adults have a great deal of work to pass on to them and see what generations we leave.

My experiences and what makes me composes who I am. As I see my fellow colleagues, I learn from each of them from who they are and what they bring. As we share our knowledge, together we can bring ideas to global stability. I believe we are all here with a contract. Either in peace or in distress, we are all under the same arrangement of equanimity.

I envision a world of minds that naturally bring solutions to any problem starting with ourselves. I envision a world of leaders that promote accountability and respect to grow for all benefit.

I am honored to be part of a significant organization that allows me to share the exciting world of neuroscience and mediation, that provokes deep thinking of who we are. I am honored to be part of the same minded group of optimistic people who are ready to open the doors of creative thinking through knowledge diversity.

Extending my greetings: I am pleased to introduce myself to you as a WMO Fellow. I am excited to get to know you more, learn from your experiences, and gain new knowledge. I am looking forward to working together and be part of an exciting journey of scientific discovery. As the brain is in constant communication with the rest of the body initiating movements, in the same way, I look forward to participating with you in a mobilized constant communication presented by the WMO.

Articles by Thalia Veintimilla: … search here …

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