Music in the service of mediation

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For the first time this year, the production company Sky Music Corporation from Serbia organized a music festival with participants from the countries of the Western Balkans, the former Yugoslavia Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia and the Republic of Northern Macedonia. One of the biggest music events was organized in Belgrade at Stark Arena, which gathers about 20,000 people while television viewers had the opportunity to watch the live event on the small screens across the region. The rating of the ratings of the musical event was a respectable one. At the same time, it was also a great interest in the manifestation by the regional audience.

With the positive feedback of the public, we come to the unequivocal conclusion that this music event attracted a lot of audience attention. The most popular tracks of all musical directions from folk across pop, rock, alternative music directions were chosen. The special award for excellence was won by the young Croatian cellist Stjepan Hauser, whose musical opus is precious to the unique performances of the class of music.

In the context of mediation, the MAC musc awards 2019 music festival played an interesting role. Let us note that in the 1990’s, the countries of the former Yugoslavia suffered a torture of war-related casualties, conflicts and post-war tensions that lasted until recently. The mutual cooperation of the country – the republics of the former Yugoslavia established in the field of art above all the acting. The musical festival about which the text has contributed to the type of healing process, connecting countries in the best way with music.

About 60 performers from all countries of the Western Balkans took part at the festival. The profit of the tickets and SMS votes for the best performers MAC music festival  in cooperation with UNICEF the collected profit  will be used for the implementation of projects intended for the children of the participating countries.

In addition to the humanity of the festival night, it was in the discourse of promoting peace, equality, the right to diversity, tolerance and love.

That’s why MAC music awards 2019 earned praise, because it is not an event of a classic commercial character, but an intermediary in establishing positive international relations.

The forms of mediation are no doubt different and each case is unique and deserves the attention of the professional public. It does not have to be methods based on spoken words by formal strategies that take place at the table. Instead of the word, music, performance in the form of dance, acting, with high-tech audiovisual production was mediated by the event, which in a positive way initiated the inetration on the relaunch of the performers – the audience initiating only positive emotions.

The personal point of view is that the presented situation is the fact that Serbia together with the countries of the Western Balkans region is progressing in establishing positive mutual relations.

It is not always necessary to have a round table or an ancient Agora, but a magnificent stage at which music has been mediated in order to establish peace, spread the joy of rhetoric of equality, tolerance of diversity, concern for the oppressed. The melody had the capacity of a mediation power tool in order to promote the relationships of different countries, cultures and traditions.

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4 Responses

  1. I love this article. Cannot but raise my own thinking in that we all human beings are an orchestra. If an instrument is not in tune, the whole song will be aweful to our ears. What can we all do to help the instrument tune? We look for good strings, or good wood, or better brass, we train the musician to tune the instrument, we learn to listen to a good tune. That, is our roles also as mediators.

  2. Thank you for sharing the event and your perspective. The event is certainly beyond mediating relationships; sounded like the event helped transform the relationships and helped build bridges. We need more visual artists, dancers, theatrical performers, musicians, and even cultural workers to help bring people together and to promote diversity. Celebrating differences through music and dance, inspirational writings, and thought provoking arts, or through sharing of different traditional foods rather than in fear of differences. The question is how mediators can help promoting these amazing resources.
    Very good to know how the music event brought people together in the region.

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