Rene Wadlow

Name:  Rene Wadlow

Status: WMO Fellow

Entry Date: 01/02/2019

City / Country: Les Vans / France

My expertise and field of action: Rene V.L. Wadlow is President and a Representative to the United Nations, Geneva, of the Association of World Citizens, an international peace organization with consultative status with ECOSOC, the United Nations organ facilitating international cooperation and problem solving in economic and social issues.

Formerly Professor and Director of Research, Graduate Institute of Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland.  Founding Secretary of the European Association of Development and Training Institutes (EADI)

President of the French child-welfare organization Partage (1992-1998), active in the creation of projects in Cambodia and Vietnam, development of existing projects in Thailand, India and Bangladesh.  Gives yearly lectures on development issues at the National University, Hanoi, Vietnam and the Vietnamese Women’s Academy.  

He has been an editor or on the editorial advisory board of a number of academic journals dealing with development, international relations and conflict resolution, including Genève-Afrique, Transnational Perspectives, International Development Review (Rome), Journal of Peace Studies (New Delhi), Center for South Asian Studies (Geneva) 

His mediation efforts began in 1969 as a member of a task force of the International Committee of the Red Cross during the Nigeria – Biafra civil war and has continued as an NGO representative to the U.N. in Geneva since 1972 working on human rights, arms control, and disputes linked to development projects, having been particularly active during the 1972-1982 drought situation in the Sahel states of West Africa. He is active in what is often called “Track II” efforts, informal discussions among people from a conflict area.  Articles and book reviews on Track II approaches are posted below.  

He was born in the USA, 2 October 1934, and educated at Princeton University and the University of Chicago in international relations.

My professional vision as WMO FELLOW: It is a passion of mine to learn/grow new cultural understanding and international interactions which will give me the proper foundation and broaden my knowledge (politics and culture).

Articles of Rene Wadlow: … search here …

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