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Liz Reyes
Head of Conference

Hello and welcome to the WMO Round Table section, being the most exciting possibility to globally meet and connect with high-end experts, activists, and researchers from the field of global peace – international mediation – and transcultural conflict management. We are a group of practitioners who look for the continuous effective development of our professional skills. In order to do so, we exchange our expertise and support each other by sharing valuable feedback.

The WMO Round Table is a virtual meeting hub that offers streamed lectures and extensive discussions by our members. We meet and discuss our exciting topics on an ongoing basis during the year. Due to the streaming solution, all members are able to study the content at their most convenient time. In order to contribute to our WMO Round Table, you are asked to subscribe as WMO Student, WMO Mediator or WMO Fellow.

The WMO Round Table is a global hup of experts and future experts that meet, discuss, and learn from each other. This is a unique possibility to deep your knowledge and to exchange on topics of current international interest. Due to its online character, we avoid travel expenses and environmental pollution caused by airplanes. It is a unique opportunity to truly connect on a global level, to strengthen relationships, and to optimize the impact of our professional standards.

You will be able to listen various times to one stream and to connect the content with other lectures available. Deepen your insights, deepen your impact!

WMO Round Table Speakers

Meet our Experts, as we all learn from each other.

Tobias Volz
Resource Conflicts in Nepal
F. Gunnpórsson
Mediation as a preemptive process
Antonio Berlanga
Policing and Mediation
Katherine Johnson
Making Sense of Loss
Stephen Akpe
Terrorism in Nigeria
Daniel Erdmann
Global Education for a Global Generation

Expert's Presentations