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The conference is a virtual online meeting that takes place several times a year. We try to select a matching time of day, that enables as many members as possible to join, even from the remotest places of this planet. Each participant will receive a personal email that includes the link to our ‘meeting room’.

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The WMO Round Table is a virtual online conference were WMO Mediators and Fellows meet, in order to exchange and to discuss topics of current international interest.

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During such an event, we listen to individual’s speeches, discuss articles that were previously shared with the participants, and learn from each other’s expertise.


- Neuroscience Applied to the Training Area of Police Mediation -

March 28, 2020 - 15:00 CET / Login time: 14:45 CET.

WMO Round Table Conference Call


Speakers of the Conference

Marina Khamitsevich Moderator
Antonio Berlanga Main Speaker
Daniel Erdmann Moderator
Virginia Pardo Main Speaker

‘The aim of this presentation is to show the Spanish police experience, regarding the implementation and deployment of alternative dispute resolution systems in the citizenship and especially in the law enforcement agencies. One of the tools that have really worked is the implementation of the Police Mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method. This results in the improvement of the citizenship and in a greater confidence in the police as well as in investments at a global level. The situation described above is linked to the mediation culture. Mediation seeks for the civic engagement, the promotion of equality and respect, a participatory democracy and citizen participation and engagement. This kind of mediation has been specially developed in certain neighbourhoods in big Spanish cities, as well as in other smaller countries. Thus, a dispute resolution method needs to be supported. This method needs an active civic participation and it claims that the community needs to deal with conflict management to manage the coexistence. Our society is constantly changing. Believing that everything remains the same is criminally wrong. This can be clearly seen in the evolution of society. Being aware of their rights and freedoms, the society not only demands the protection of their rights but also their development. But choosing …’ read more.

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