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Hello and welcome to the WMO Round Table, being the most exciting possibility to globally meet and connect with high-end experts, activists, and researchers from the field of global peace – international mediation – and transcultural conflict management. We are a group of practitioners who look for the continuous effective development of our professional skills. In order to do so, we exchange our expertise and support each other by sharing valuable feedback.

When and where will this event take place? The conference is an online virtual meeting that takes place once a month, on the fourth Saturday at 11:00 pm – CET. The time setting intents to enable as many members as possible to join our event, from even the remotest places on this planet. Each participant will receive a personal email that includes the link to our ‘meeting room’.

What are the benefits of joining and signing up? The WMO Round Table is a monthly online conference were WMO Mediators and Fellows meet virtually, in order to exchange and to discuss topics of current international interest. It is a unique opportunity to truly connect on a global level, to strengthen relationships, and to optimize the impact of our professional standards. During such an event, we listen to individual’s speeches, discuss articles that were previously shared with the participants, and learn from each other’s expertise. 

How to form part of this innovative group of global experts? In order to join our WMO Round Table, you are asked to subscribe as WMO Mediator or WMO Fellow. Invitations will automatically be send to our members. 


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