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Welcome to the WMO Support Section

This section invites you to select a specific manner to support our vision, mission and research. Our vision is to enable as many persons as possible to benefit from our online trainings in order to cultivate a culture of respect and constructive dialog. Our mission is to serve as a platform of professional and ambition exchange of peace supportive individuals, who believe in the positive change within each of us. Our research may enable our visitors to better understand conflict, its dynamics and its potential solutions, and the fact that critical thinking is key to conflict prevention.

If these ideals are inline with your mindset and you wish us to keep going, you simply need to select a specific amount for realizing the research and send us the potential topic or area of interest. Accordingly, we will set up an international team of researchers and discuss the proper proceedings. 

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Help people to widen their horizon, to deepen their knowledge and to obtain truly new perspectives.