Section: C) – Syllabus 2

Please select a conflict that was presented to you in the daily news or of current global interest, and create a list of mindful questions in order to create another analytical conflict report. Name all basic facts, the status quo and add all unanswered questions. Make the reader become a critical thinker because of your […]

Section: B) – Syllabus 2

The Nature of Mediation   In general, the mediator is not expected to make decisions, nor to suggest recommendations or proposals for a possible solution to the conflict. Commonly, mediation is a procedure of conflict resolution, conducted out of court, wherein a neutral third party without content-related discretionary power (the mediator) supports the conflict parties […]

Section: A) – Syllabus 2

We believe that it is very helpful to sensitize oneself first, before working with other person’s problems, conflicts, and dilemmas. Therefore, we kindly ask you to take a rest and to meditate on the following statement. Describe what this content means to you, your environment and the human race in general. “Nature is a single […]

Applied Mediation

Course Description / Objectives: This course delivers basic working tools of the mediation process, that actually ought to be properly discovered by the future mediator her-/ himself, while following chapters will focus on additional skills and techniques a mediator may use in order to optimize the process and to overcome possible barriers. A theoretical framework […]