Section: C) – Syllabus 3

Please select a conflict that was presented to you in the daily news or of current global interest, and create a list of mindful questions in order to create another analytical conflict report. Name all basic facts, the status quo and add all unanswered questions. Make the reader become a critical thinker because of your […]

Section: B) – Syllabus 3

The nature and core of the conflict   Now, that you learned about Mindfulness and Mediation, I would like to call your attention to the nature of the conflict. Be aware, that conflict itself is as complex as its participants, while these – as we already learned – differ at their best. Accordingly, the information […]

Section: A) – Syllabus 3

As previously stated, we believe that it is very helpful to sensitize oneself first, before working with other person’s problems, conflicts, and dilemmas. Therefore, we kindly ask you to take a rest and to meditate on the following statement. Describe what this content means to you, your environment and the human race in general. “Every […]

Analyzing and Managing Conflict

Course Description / Objectives: This course covers the multiple dimensions – escalation, entrapment, de-escalation, termination, and resolution – both violent and non-violent confrontation between adversaries, as well as the utility and limitations of external intervention. For students of the social sciences, it should serve as an excellent introduction to the complex realities of social conflict. […]