Section: C) – Syllabus 4

Please select a conflict that was presented to you in the daily news or of current global interest, and create a list of mindful questions in order to create another analytical conflict report. Name all basic facts, the status quo and add all unanswered questions. Make the reader become a critical thinker because of your […]

Section: B) – Syllabus 4

Effective communication techniques At the beginning of this course, we identified the conflict as a catalyst for changes and we determined its social role and significance for the work of a mediator. This introduction shows that conflicts include the proper core or initial starting point for the settlement or resolution construed thereupon. Communication techniques are […]

Section: A) – Syllabus 4

As done in the previous chapters, we start with a very helpful step of sensitizing oneself first, before working with other person’s problems, conflicts, and dilemmas. Therefore, we kindly ask you to take a rest and to meditate on the following statement. Describe what this content means to you, your environment and the human race […]

Interpersonal Crisis Communication

Course Description / Objectives:   This course empowers students to be effective communicators in today’s rapidly changing and technologically advanced society. An innovative theory-skill framework, integrated into every chapter, uniquely combines theory and practice, eliminating the perceived division between them while clarifying their fundamental interconnections. Emphasizing human communication in the context of conflict, it deals […]