➤ TASK: Please sum this section up and state if you already used or witnessed some of the listed points in an unconscious way. Additionally, develop a proper guideline that shows your understanding of a logical procedure in mediation.

Sneha Mohanty posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
This section begins to explain the very inborn nature of mediation. Broadly, it explains the nature and scope, a mediator\'s conduct and scope of work, the procedure and functioning of mediation and the pillars of mediation. Its emphasis lays on the broad aspects of mediation and not the minute ones. Personally, one believes that all the aspects and points mentioned above are worth noting and one may have witnessed these points or worked past them unconsciously while mediating in daily life. one personally relates to the idea of flexibility of both the parties, counsels and the mediator. This allows the parties to settle on a multitude of grounds and calls for a win-win situation. This is the best aspect of mediation. Fluidity, flexibility and creativity of the mediator and the parties to settle on grounds. 
Party A has a problem Party B has a problem Party A and B share their points of view Mediator digs deep looking for their motives and in depth wants and puts in their view three parties discuss the issue to settle