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Sneha Mohanty posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
This section begins to explain the simplicity of mediation and starts by explaining that the mediator need not know the thematic background of the actual conflict but just only needs to know the point of dispute and the brief facts surrounding it. 
It then goes on to explain that mediation is a combination of a multitude of various problem solving aspects. it then goes on to explain the target of the entire mediation process. It talks about how mediation process should end in a win win situation where both parties get what they desire. 

Dear Sneha,

here we go … from inborn nature to simplicity of mediation – great!

This is a special approach to mediation, assuming that the mediator – by knowing all details – may simply create a third perspective and possibly will be mislead by his or her feelings, emotions, etc.

Therefore, I suggest to work only with what was delivered as information by the parties.

BR, Daniel