Finnur Þ. Gunnþórsson posted 4 years ago, 1 Responses
A map of the conflict can greatly help in drawing out what needs to be addressed. The deep listening has to open up for honest communication about the issues that are pressing. The self awareness of each participant has bearing on this as well as their understanding of the conflicts involved along with their ability to regulate themselves and communicate.

I reflect on my personal abilities and their ongoing development. My ability to stay neutral comes to mind and how I can be neutral and if I always can. And if not if I can still mediate by acknowledging my biases or not. Or if I can apply \"technique\" to do things \"professionally\" and maintain neutrality in cases where I imagine that may be hard. In other instances I perhaps will be blissfully neutral in the deepest sense. 

Dear Finnur,

thank you for this reflection. It think it is mandatory to create this step back in order to not rush blindly through our life, and specifically through a mediation or any situation in life that actually needs our full focus. I believe it is a very complex art to namely be full present. From the day on, that I first experienced it, I decided that I never wish to miss it again.

BR, Daniel