Conflict within or not?

John Oomkens posted 1 year ago, 1 Responses
Humans are an evolved species, comprising over eons of outer and inner development. This also means that there are various physical developments including the expansion for the brain in order to cope with the new requirements of the species. But this does not mean that the older parts are not active. They still play an important role in the creation and manifestation of conflicts as a biological function.
As all manifestation here in this 3D world is the most dense representation of energy, it is prone to movement between its two extremes the Ying and the Yang. These two forces play an important role in the events of the world. These two forces are entangled with each other. The one complements the other. It is like a love-hate relationship.  They attract each other and they move away from each other, creating movement and dynamics in manifestation of the inner and outer events. Without this movement, life in itself would cease to exist. An equilibrium is hard to achieve. In the movements, it seems as if its path is moving along a pre-defined line-of-events whereby both extremes appear in our 3D world. From war to peace, from abundance to shortage, from wellness to disaster, etc.  
Conflict always has an internal origin whereby those parts that are responsible for dominance, control, power, protection and survival of the tribe and the species in general etc. are activated and are responding to the gravity pull of the field created by the misbalance between yin and yang.
Just as the moon is influencing the rise of the tide in the sea, so does this ever contracting expanding and contracting movement influences the older parts or the younger parts in one’s brain. This then expresses itself in the increase or decrease of, for example, more violent behaviour due to the activation of the reptilian brain responsible for irrational explosive (often testosterone and ego/pride based) behaviour.
Basically, conflict is an internal response that expresses itself in outer aggression and violence because of the lack of equilibrium between the two extremes.  
The more humans become more and more conscious, they realize they have a choice to stop this ‘survival-of-the-fittest’ battle and the inner drive for dominance and can control their response to that gravitational pull.

Dear John,

I feel that there are many names that describe the individual who mastered to live beyond this duality, namely in the non-dualistic Oneness, while Oneness does not serve as a limitation but points to the holistic perspective of being all connected and without a birth and without a death. Some maybe called: the Masters of Yin and Yang, the Masters of Heaven and Earth, the Master Masons, or the True Mediators (who feel the Middle Way within).

BR, Daniel